GeoPlayer™ Web is a 3D Planetary Viewer that runs in your web browser. It has been developed by GeoFusion, Inc. and is part of GeoMatrix® Digital Planet System. GeoPlayer™ Web is a full featured viewer wich can be embedded in web pages, Microsoft Word or Power Point documents, Macromedia Director, and other compatible "containers". GeoPlayer™ Web has an API for controlling the view, scripting events in renderer, and controlling navigation. User interfaces can be created in HTML, Java Script, Flash, Director, or whatever user interface the container provides. Runs in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

GeoFusion is not currently offering downloads of the GeoPlayer™ Web plug-in while it is being updated.


Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on a Windows XP platform
Mozilla Firefox on Mac and Linux platforms
Game-level graphics (see supported graphics hardware)
DSL or better Internet connection


The first time you follow a gateway link, the GeoPlayer™ Web will be installed. Answer yes to the installation questions.
After installation, the globe will be loaded and you are free to explore.
If the GeoPlayer™ Web has been updated, you will be prompted to install a new version. Choose "Default Installion".
GeoPlayer™ Web is an ActiveX control. It requires either enable or prompt permissions for all ActiveX browser Security Settings (for Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level).

Terms of Use

GeoPlayer™ Web is provided free for non-commercial use. All commercial use requires a license from GeoFusion, Inc. Media use including, but not limited to, broadcast, print, television, movie, requires clear display of GeoFusion logo and URL as well as permission from GeoFusion, Inc.


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